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Global Agencies and Marketing is a 100% Emirati owned trading and technical services Establishment specializing in the supply and installation of various construction related products and oilfield services since 1993.

We have developed an excellent relationship with all Government Departments, Consultants, and Contractors to design and specify our products in many prestigious government and non-governmental projects and became the leader in every product we officially represent taking a niche of our market.

The installation and construction related works to support our products, projects and services is carried out by our associated subcontractors, which have sufficient permanent workforce to carry out various types of projects.

Our Establishment’s success is based on our flexibility, manageability and financial stability managed by highly experienced and qualified professionals such as engineers, sales executives, and other office support staff working harmoniously as ONE TEAM to be one of the leading and chosen business partner for more than 25 years.

As an ISO certified company for 9001, 14001 and 45001 standards, it is our Company’s commitment to deliver high quality products and services to all our clients and other concerned parties’ satisfaction.


Global Agencies and Marketing’s mission is to build a reputation for excellence, experience and leadership by providing the best choice of quality products, exceed each client’s expectations and dedication to the highest moral principles.


To be a world-class company and the business partner of choice that creates long-term outstanding collaboration with our valued partners and clients.


For more than a quarter of a century, Global Agencies and Marketing has been at the forefront establishing ethical relationships with its business partners in delivering outstanding services to its clients and this practice will carry on in the years to come.

We are a 100% Emirati-owned Establishment that continues to bring various innovative products and technical services to meet the growing demands of a developing market.

We are expanding our scope of services and we aim to maintain good relations with our associates and customers.

We would like to thank you for looking into our website and company profile and look forward to either start or continue business in the years ahead.

At Global Agencies and Marketing, we take pride to perform with excellence as your business partner of choice.

Managing Director/ Proprietor


The Management and staff of Global Agencies and Marketing are duly committed to provide quality products and services to all its customers through compliance and continual improvement of its Quality Management System (QMS) as well as adhering and conforming to UAE standards and codes of practice.
Global Agencies and Marketing is dedicated to:

  • Providing clients, customers and business partners with the best quality of products and services that meets their requirements and exceeds their expectations;
  • Operating the business in compliance and conformance to current ISO 9001:2015 standards;
  • Enhancing the skills of its Management and staff through trainings with the objective that such developments will help the staff to perform their work more efficiently and effectively;
  • Promoting a culture of encouraging a mind-set among its staff that continual improvement is necessary and related towards achieving the Company’s collective goal regarding growth and success;
  • Actively ensuring that all products in all projects are properly delivered, provided, installed and constructed according to requirements and schedule of completion;
  • Optimizing budgets and costs through maximizing skilled productivity;
  • Upholding the Quality Management Systems (QMS) and assuring implementation of the standards is adhered and understood by everyone and compliance is achieved through the conduct of internal audits, management review and its corrective and preventive actions.


The Management and staff of Global Agencies and Marketing are duly committed to adhere to international and local standards and to improve the working environment for our employees in the office and in general to all our project sites and the community as a whole.

We have also put together a number of procedures in addressing environmental issues and concerns affecting our business activities and practices.

The health and safety of our employees and customers are our top priority, we aim to achieve zero tally of any incident, injury or accident at the workplace and on-sites with emphasis on instilling safe working practices in all areas of the business.

To be able to achieve the goals of the HSE policy, the Management shall:

  • Comply to all UAE HSE legal, regulatory and other requirements;
  • Protect employees, customers, clients, business partners from harm;
  • Secure all Company assets and facilities from damage;
  • Ensure that all the staff complies to all HSE practices as well as participate in HSE programs and activities;
  • Promote awareness and training to all staff in aspects about health, safety at work and environmental care;
  • Conserve the use of electricity, water, paper and other resources in support of environmental causes and advocacies locally and internationally;
  • Guarantee that all tools and equipment used in the delivery of services and performance of various activities in the workplace and various project sites are safe, calibrated and well maintained;
  • Supervise and monitor all workers on-site that everyone is wearing the proper PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment) in carrying out their tasks;

The usefulness and realization of our HSE Policy can only be attained through the active participation and compliance from all levels, starting with the Management commitment to full support from all the staff.


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