Steel Doors

Global Agencies & Marketing, supply of cost effective fire rated and non-fire rated steel doors and gates are products of Minova our local supplier and Kohler & Bandl GmbH and Co KG, from Germany.


Is the manufacturing wing of Minova Group.

Since 2008, Minova has been growing in its customer base, which now includes a big number of local authorities, educational establishments, Hospitality, industrial sites and many more commercial applications. The company currently produces a wide range of firefighting and industrial products as well as fire rated doors.

KOHLER & BANDL gmbh and co kg

K & B, utilizes modern technology and production facilities, high qualified forces and optimum production flow to ensure flexibility and delivery on time.

Manufacturing of high quality Steel Doors;

  • Fire Resistant Doors and Sliding Doors
  • Smoke Resistant Doors
  • Burglar Resistant Doors
  • Multipurpose Doors
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